Welcome to Miami… Intro


When you look at this picture, most recognize this infamous street in paradise. Well if you don’t, this is a popular destination for tourists to visit known as O C E A N  D R I V E.
Located in the heart of  SoBe, many would believe it sums up the life here in this tropical nirvana. The beach is at your doorstep, glamourous restaurants, dope ass bars, clubs FOR DAYYYSSS, fly cars and even more fly are the people… Looks just like the movies to outside eyes. It even has songs that glorify the city..

Will Simth’s song sums up what the rest of the world thinks of us:

“Party in the city where the heat is on.
All night on the beach til the break of dawn
Welcome to Miami (bienvenido a Miami).”

All i can say is WHAT A CLICHEEEE!!!

To begin with I am NOT a hater at all. I was raised here since the age of 3. Hell, I was practically born here, at the end of the day this is my home town  and i would represent it anywhere i go. These few blogs that I will try to write are just my experiences here, some are great and play up the cliche while others might make you rethink ever moving here. lol

If I had to classify my type of writing in my own definition, I would say I am a realist.

Having cleared all this off my chest, I hope I give you all an interesting read.





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