Welcome to Miami.. Accidents



It is a known fact that Florida, well for sure Miami, has one of the WORST records for driving and accidents. I am 21 years old and in the past 3 years I have been in a 3 car accident. Um… I believe that statistic is too damn high!!!! (samuel jackson voice) 

I find it is so messed up that I feel like a veteran when it comes to accidents.. like that is JUST NOT RIGHT… The funny thing is that I use to believe that this was what “normal” driving is. However once you pass Orlando people started to follow the actual rules and regulations of the road. When we drove in the left lane people actually moved to the right to let you pass when they saw you coming, they use signals in the direction they intend to go and tailgating seems like a rare phenomenon.

Miami didn’t get the same handbook it seems… LOL

Anyway getting back onto topic, I just recently got into an serious accident two days ago.


It started off with my best friend Ria and her boyfriend Danny invited me to go to the Miami Zoo; which I haven’t been to since I was 7years old. On the way back we had to take the Palmetto, and on that day we became another statistic.

Surprisingly, the palmetto was not packed like normal. I feel the car slowing down and I looked out in front of us from the back seat to see that the exit lanes which had two lanes had extended into our lane and no one was moving. This one car was practically horizontal to the lines on the road just to take that exit blocking our lane. It must be the worst thing in the world to miss that exit and take the next one; much worse than dying it seems.

We had stopped smoothly and the next thing I know Ria screamed and a second later BAM!

Thank god Danny had his foot on the break the whole time and we had on our seat belts. Oh and I forgot to mention I had found scissors in the backseat and I was playing with them when the collision occurred. LIKE I HONESTLY COULD HAVE DIED OR GOTTEN SERIOUSLY INJURED!! 

Side note: don’t play with anything sharp in the car, you never know what might happen.

 So while Danny was calling the cops, Ria told me she saw in the side mirror that they were not slowing down so what was to happen next was inevitable. Stupid shit like this makes me hate human beings as a race.

While we were calling the cops, something your suppose to do she had the nerve to call her tow-truck buddy to come. The girl that was driving was without a doubt looking at her phone i am sure of it. Then she comes knocking at our window come to find out she ONLY speaks Spanish. That alone made me infuriated, I have nothing against Spanish people but I came to this country and learned English with Arabic being my first language..
the least woman like her could do is TRY!

Luckily, Danny spoke Spanish so he spoke with her. Time passed then the state trooper finally came. The moment he stepped out of his car she had put on this puppy dog, full of guilt ridden face.

The Trooper clearly didn’t buy her bullshit and kicked out the tow truck friend that was there. They later called another guy to pick them up since their car was totaled and he came up in a driving school car.
Can we say IRONIC.

When the trooper was writing the report in his car, that sad woeful look on her face left and now entered the face of a bratty bitch. The driving school man came up to us and asked us if we were okay which I thought was funny because the woman behind the accident and her mother could have cared less. Nor did she ever once give any of us a simple apology; NOTHING.

At the end, karma got her by totaling her car, she received a ticket and my friends car is being repaired by the woman’s insurance company.

Till this day I am still sore from the hit, and I don’t feel right. If you are driving in these streets, you my friends need to be as defensive as can be. Not every accidents ends like this on the highway, I have seen cars flipped, multiple collisions, and a fuel truck was hanging halfway off the side of i-95 where it hanging over the streets below.

Be safe, and travelers BEWARE !!!




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