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Ive come to the realization today that we, as a society, have joined a cult with our lives consumed with technology. I was not oblivious to this, I just never had displeasure as to really view the brainwashing behavior that people possess until the new iPhone 6 was announced.

On September 9th, millions of people minds synchronized and logged on to
A P P L E. C O M. 

A heart felt smile, gleaming on a radiant face was the face of every member of the apple movement.  Watching a live feed, as it feeds their soul with the greatest phone ever created THUS FAR…

Ladies and Gentlemen.. I am proud to introduce

iPHONE 6 and now.. iPHONE6 PLUS!!!!!

Another useless advancement in the world of apple. Minor tweaks here and there HEY LOOK THE SCREEN IS BIGGER… how marvelous *sigh*

We are on the path to a technological future, however our mindset has not evolved much from that of our relatives; the Homo Sapiens.  With all this technological advancement, the number of people going into the technological field should be astounding..

But its not. 

Where are we, as a nation, headed too; when we are more  in tune with the latest update than what is on the news or what our political figures are doing. Most of us have seen movies where humans have become mindless robots except with the exception of a few and laughed at the foolishness that we are illustrated as.

Instead of that being a space fiction movie set in some far far future,  I believe that is a depiction of what our society is as of now.




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