For Love or Not For Love… That is the Question!


In the beginning of my journey, I had nothing…
My hopes were filled with despair; depression masked by a loving smile.
You came into my life and life itself changed for the better.

For this I am forever grateful.

Being humbly in your debt, I do not think twice about.
You were my savior, allowing me to live in a fairytale,
but these days the tides have turned…

Instead of being a priority, I am now but a mere option.
Being in your debt or being submissive to your every action are two different things.

I am a being filled with Pride, and S E L F  W O R T H is something I will never release…

The question I face now is that of great anguish.
To reliquish my emotions as to not stir resting water
Or allow an upsurge in the ocean that is our love…

So that I am once again the Sun in your Galaxy.

1 Nov 2014


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