My resolution

For ages, whenever the clock struck midnight on the 31st humanity celebrated the passing of another and made vows to better themselves as beings.

For years, I have been stuck in the same predicament when the minute hand landed on the 12.

An endless cycle of being forcefully abandoned by the society im in based on my immigration status. This resulting in no real goals for myself that following year.

A tormented soul shielded with a smile manifested by a deceptive mind.

At last that time has passed.. yet I feel even more remorseful that I have ever been.

I have come to realize why.. before I was chained by society, limiting myself to a bare minumium.. to enjoy the crumbs that the nation offered me.

Now my sadness comes from the fear of failing myself and others now that I have been approved of my rights as a human that everyone should entitled to.
Perplexed as I am, I have made it my resolution this year to resolve the following dilemma.

What do you do when so much is expected of you from everyone? How does one achieve greatness…


                                                    NYE 2015


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