Life’s Transitions at their worst.

As temperatures begin to cool, a variation of colors occur. Different shades emerge from orange, red, brown, yellow leaves… and as a result I have always welcomed the season of change.

But change does not only apply to Autumn; it applys to all. Change is the basis of adaptation, of the survival of the fittest if you will. Change was the key ingredient to the idea of Darwinism, to the Declaration of Independence, to even Facebook and Instagram.

Having been a wonderful transition in my life, I have always embraced change. So why is it that now it has become my enemy?

Too much of a variation in such a rapid small time frame is the the culprit in all of this. Instigating the circumstance to which I am in currently with along with piling all the different events in my life that are altering themselves is tearing me down.

To those around me, keeping my composure is not only essential for my sake but for theirs as well. As a result of this, tension is rising at a rapid speed, both mentally and physically.
Physical pains daily, mental exhaustion along with a plastered smile on my face has come to be the norm these days.

In the imminent present the concept of change and the change itself have become impediments to my destination to success.

I simply do not know how much longer I can hold out for before I just crumble…


May 7, 2015


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