It is that time of year ladies and gentlemen…

That time of the year you no longer melt when you walk outdoors.

Under normal circumstances everyone in Miami, at some point of the day, is sweating something fierce that may resemble that of a joggers after their run. OH NO HONEY NOT TODAY!

That time of year all the locals bring out their winter wear

The list maybe but not limited too: gorgeous coats, sweaters, long sleeve shirts, pants, shorts, and the flip flops are replaced by shoes or worse UGGS!!!
A SIDE NOTE: why would anyone make such an ugly ass boot ugh, let alone want to buy it.

That time of year where only the tourists from up North or the MidWest are hitting the beaches in masses.

You can always tell the locals from the tourists when the temperature drops here in Miami. For instance, just like the picture I posted above, most of us will go to the beach in full clothing enjoying the weather. The farthest some of go is sun tanning but never do we go in the water. The tourists from NY, IOWA, KANSAS or CANADIANS always seem dumbfounded when we say its too cold to go into the water. Cold for us is anything below 75 degrees where as this is their summer.

I absolutely love this weather, the humid, sweaty monster that we all have come to know in Miami has gone away for a bit and has been replaced by what we know as our Winter Wonder Land.

The saying “always appreciate what you have before it’s gone” has never been more true.  🙂



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